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Download Server

Post by zetrotrack000 »

I am downloading FuryBSD. The Amazon AWS server, which is hosting the ISO (as the download link suggests) is very slow and I am getting 22 KB/s speed at the moment. Can you host the ISO on some faster server (or torrent).

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Re: Download Server

Post by jmaloney »

Sorry for the delay. I locked myself out of the forums last week, so I'm just now getting back to this.

Currently we use github for hosting images:

It's great because it is free but there are some other limitations to this. We are not limited in transfer but no single image can be larger than 2.0GB. Therefore we cannot upload the KDE plasma image which is 3.0GB. I have registered a sourceforge account to get around this when the KDE Plasma artwork is set, and things are further along.

I do agree torrent is a must have option but my only concern with it now is that the frequency of images has been at least once a week to keep up with feedback, fixing issues. I'm hoping that by Q1 - 2020 the frequency of images will slow down to once a quarter, and by then we can have mechanisms to upgrade our tools on an existing installation without requiring re-installation of the livecd to get them. By Q1 - 2020 I expect for us to be able to switch over to 12.1-RELEASE as well when hopefully drm-kmod is fixed in quarterly pkg repo.

We have been looking at various hosting options, and as the project continues to grow we should hopefully have more mirrors in place as well. If anyone has any suggestions on how, where to do torrent hosting as well it would be helpful. Maybe we could try to spin up something sooner. I'm guessing gotbsd is a good start?

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Re: Download Server

Post by LesterScreech »

Wouldn't universities (and such) that host mirrors for Linux ditros, be willing to host for this, as well? At least some of them? Not sure what all the hoops are to jump through, but it can't be all that difficult, given the number of distros that they host.

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Re: Download Server

Post by TW1920 »

I could provide space in europe - if you interested let me know it. It would be sponsored, so the project have to pay nothing. Traffic and space for bigger images as 2GB would be no problem and free for FuryBSD.

@jmaloney you can contact me on Telegram with same Nick name

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