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The best freebsd distribution/graphical installer?/project

Posted: Sat Dec 07, 2019 3:53 am
by chrisfromgreece
This is finally what we waiting for ! this is fantastic !
The installation is very fast faster than any operating system i have tried.
Its a lot better than the others ghostbsd,nomadbsd but it needs to detect the graphics card
for example in my case amd rx580 needs to install drm-kmod and load the amgdpu driver
it would be better if it detects the graphics card and load it succesfuly or at least make your system
configured with your graphics card driver.
It by far the best freebsd project, congratulations !!!!!
Kde desktop seems perfects and everything works it will save me much time to install it to my ultrabook
it saves so much time cause you need much time to download xorg,desktop environments configure rc.conf loader.conf etc