Install hangs at changing root password

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Re: Install hangs at changing root password

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how much RAM do you have? I think you should have at least 2GB RAM and recommended are I believe at 4GB RAM.
have you checked the that the iso download is not corrupt?
Hope it helps.

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Re: Install hangs at changing root password

Post by carrboyd »

Had this problem with 2 old laptops,remove your install media and leave out,hold pwr button to shutdown,restart system will reload to a root prompt,login as "root" when promted for passwd just push enter,use pcoconf of other commands to find your graphics chip make etc.Shutdown using halt -p or pwr button,reinsert install media and boot to live furybsd,configure your network using gui icon on desktop and then use the gui to configure graphics card,system will connect to net and give a choice of drivers,well mine did (older intel chip) then tell it to install driver of choice ,the systemthen reloaded the desktop with the furybsd wallpaper,i then clicked install furybsd icon and install went through to completion with furybsd wallpaper ,hope this helps.still learning but seems a great Distro

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