Replacements for gksu

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Replacements for gksu

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For good reasons there is no gksu in FuryBSD Xfce. The FuryBSD Manifesto tells us why:
GKSU – The graphical switch user utility is another could example. This cannot be installed without including Gnome 3’s file manager unless we provide a custom package repo in the future.
There are two light alternatives available in the repository:
- qsudo – works like gksudo (requires user password) *1)
- dsbsu – works like gksu (requires root password) *2)

Example: OctoPkg needs gksu do function properly. *3)
The solution is a simple workaround:
Install DSBSu, create a link to dsbsu in /usr/local/bin and rename it to gksu.


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